Fire is one of the most serious causes of accidents and catastrophes today. In an instant, both human lives and large sums of money can be lost – devastating your business in the process.

This is why fire safety should be a top priority for every company. It’s also why we take our job so seriously. Our expertise and experience guarantee a professional, bespoke fire protection service, encompassing a full suite of options to meet the needs of any size business.

Our range includes:

Our service includes the design, supply, installation, commissioning and documentation to any required classification system rules and codes of practice for new systems, as well as service and maintenance of existing systems.

Fire detection systems

We specialise in the design, supply, installation and support of sophisticated fire detection systems that meet the highest international standards. With one of the most sophisticated design databases in the industry, we can produce professional designs to any of the international or local SABS standards. And where standards do not exist, our qualified electrical and mechanical engineers will produce tailor-made designs to recognized standards and best engineering practices.

Our specialist knowledge and two decades of experience cover intrinsic safe detection systems for classified/hazardous areas, flame detection (UV, UV and IR combination detectors, and high speed UV detectors), and aspirating detection systems. We also cater for special risk sectors such as data centres and the marine industry.

We supply and or support the following systems:

Fire suppression systems

From high pressure systems to low pressure systems, right through to aerosol systems – we’re equipped to design, implement and/or support virtually any fire prevention system. This claim is backed by our 100% success record in commercial, industrial, and the complex marine and offshore oil industry systems.

Our certified workshops, installations and test methodologies are in full compliance with the Pressure Equipment Regulations (PER) and certification for pressure testing. Our workshop and support facilities include valve function testing and calibration facilities, rated to 300 Bar.

Room integrity testing

Room integrity testing is a vital and required component of the overall design for all gas suppression systems. Failing to conduct this test could lead to a failure of the suppression system and insurance claims losses due to non-compliant system design.

Water mist fire suppression systems

Having been the first company to have introduced water mist technology to South Africa in 1998, we then partnered with Marioff (the inventors of Hi-Fog water mist systems) to pioneer breakthrough land-based suppression systems.

To install these systems correctly, highly qualified staff with specialised skills and tools are required. We provide all of this, along with full compliance with the latest Pressure Equipment Regulations. As one of the most experienced companies in South Africa with this state of the art technology and its many applications, we have developed some of the most advanced and eco-friendly systems in the country.

To find out more, download the HI-FOG for buildings and HI-FOG water mist fire protection brochures

Gaseous fire extinguishing systems

With over fifteen years of experience in the design, supply, installation, commissioning service and repair of gaseous fire suppression systems, our company operates in the mining, marine, industrial and commercial sectors. Designed and installed to international codes and standards, the systems we have completed include:

  • FM-200
  • NAF-S3
  • Inergen (IG541)
  • Halotron IIB
  • CO2
  • HFC-227ea
  • Pyroshield (IG55)
  • IG1
  • IG100

Conventional sprinkler systems

Fire and Instrument Services offers the full range a fire protection systems which also include conventional sprinkler systems. From mult story buildings to warehouse inrack sprinkler and any other commercial / industrial applications which include foam and high velocity spray systems. Fire and Instrument Services is your one stop turnkey solutions provider for all your fire requirements.

Hand held fire appliances

We supply, service and support all of the following equipment in accordance with the SANS 1475 Part I and Part II codes of practice and their normative references:

  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Hose Reels
  • Fire Hoses
  • Fire Blankets
  • Trolley units
  • Hydrants
  • Couplings
  • Signage
  • Fire extinguisher training

Our workshops, which are of the most modern in Africa, have full test (including hydrostatic pressure testing), service and repair facilities.

Accredited High Pressure Testing Workshop

Further services that we offer in the workshop include filling of blended gas cylinders for life raft and helicopter and fixed wing aircraft flotation device inflation, eddy current testing of “old alloy” aluminium cylinder neck threads, chemical free internal cleaning of corroded cylinders up to 80 litre capacity using our custom made tumbler, oxygen cleaning and valve servicing and refurbishment.

Our workshop includes South Africa’s only facility for quick acting valve testing and calibration, which is required by the standards for fixed fire extinguishing systems. Our custom engineered tooling ensures that we can remove most valves without damage and we are constantly upgrading our tooling to cater for new valves entering our workshop. We thrive on new challenges and are always willing to take on the unusual work that others shy away from.

Public address systems

We design, supply, install and maintain a wide variety of public address, voice evacuation, intercom and white noise systems for commercial, industrial and sporting complexes.