Smart buildings are buildings or facilities that preserve architectural aesthetics, whilst employing the very latest technologies to reduce carbon footprint, operating costs and any operational inefficiency.

In order to achieve this, an integrated, proactive approach is essential. Systems integration is the operation, control, monitoring and management of ALL the services of any building, facility or data centre via a singular software interface. This forms the foundation of a smart building.

Why we’re the smartest choice

With over 15 years of experience in developing smart buildings, we are one of very few companies able to offer a fully integrated smart solution that will save you money whilst you save the environment. To achieve this, we use iBMS (Intelligent Building Management System), a product of Scansoft Technologies and one of the most advanced software systems on the market. We are a certified platinum business partner, re-seller and installer of Scansoft Technologies.

Our smart solutions include:

  • Air-conditioning
  • Demand side power management
  • Energy efficiency
  • Fire detection
  • Security
  • Asset management
  • Facilities management
  • Call centres
  • Carbon footprint monitoring and reduction
  • Network management

Integration innovation

Integrating all aspects of your building and facility management systems, iBMS offers unrivalled capabilities, including full automation, seamless monitoring and control of all services through a single interface.

  • Easy to operate
  • System status at a glance
  • Centralised monitoring and control
  • Total integration of all building systems for simplified facilities management
  • Fully scalable from a single building to multiple buildings irrespective of location
  • Quick to learn even for unqualified personnel
  • Time saving (increased operational efficiencies)
  • Same look and feel across different hardware
  • Logging and reporting of all historical data and events
  • Logging of all user actions for future reference
  • Instant SMS and email notification of critical events
  • Real-time emergency management
  • Reduced building running costs
  • Rapid hardware diagnostics

Lighten your carbon footprint

Global warming is a growing concern and there is pending legislation to impose carbon taxes on all companies, with those who have no means of establishing their carbon footprint being hit the hardest. Companies that are able to measure their footprint will be able to claim carbon credits for any savings implemented. With our iPower demand side power management system, we create smart and efficient buildings. Our services encompass design, supply, installation and commissioning of monitoring systems. In addition we provide professional maintenance and support. All our installations are done to the highest quality standards by our professionally managed staff of skilled technicians.

Automated call centres

ICALL is a software system designed to operate a fully automated or partially manned services call centre. The system does tracking and linking of requests until completion and also links the client and the service provider directly. In essence, each client becomes his/her own call centre operator via a smart graphic user interface. This interface allows the client to track his or her request status right through to completion. This saves you the expense of operating a fully manned facility, and saves your clients time on the phone too.

Data centres

Our qualified engineers and process control specialists can provide a fully integrated, single interface smart system for data centres. This includes the full range of specialised fire detection, fire suppression, security, demand side power management, HVAC control, network monitoring and control equipment, as well as software automation. Our services encompass design, supply, installation and commissioning. In addition, we provide professional maintenance and support.

So why use us?

  • All our installations are done to the highest quality standards by our professionally managed staff of skilled technicians.
  • We have more than 20 years’ experience in data centre systems integration.
  • We pioneered water mist fire suppression systems with the inventors for data centre applications in Africa.
  • Our services include design, supply, installation, commissioning, service and support of structured data cabling, electrical, data equipment supply, networks, fire detection, suppression, security, demand side power management and HVAC control.