Moma Mine

Fire & Instrument Services provided a full turnkey solution for Moma Heavy Mineral Sands mining operation in Northern Mozambique.

The system comprises sprinkler protection to mining barges and structures, fire detection plant-wide monitored by the IBMS system and gas suppression systems utilizing the Pyroshield system.

Project facts

Irish company, Kenmare Resources has found monazite, a raw material used for the manufacturing of a variety of equipments, at its heavy sands concession in Topito, in Mozambique’s Nampula province, Mozambican daily newspaper Notícias reported. Used to manufacture rechargeable batteries, televisions, mobile phones, hospital and automotive equipment, the monazite was also found at deposits in Namalope and Nataka, along with other rare minerals, including lanthanum and neodymium. Before it is sold, monazite is processed to a purity of 99 percent in the form of oxides or as a variety of alloys. In the third quarter the company exported 155,000 tons of a variety of minerals mined at Moma. Kenmare’s net debt was reduced to US$239 million after investing US$600 million in its mining concession in Mozambique.